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RIMA is a business concept challenging the traditional meaning and expectations of parenthood; Instead of focusing on how the world should perceive and support parents, RIMA is all about self-love, self-appreciation and self-empowerment that feeds into building stronger communities and healthier environments to raise happier and better generations.

RIMA is an everyday conversation every parent should have with themselves, especially in the lowest and most tiring moments: I am RIMA: I am Resilient, I am Innovative, I am a Miracle-Maker, I AM AMAZING...

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Our community starts with you. Being a member of RIMA you will be part of this social change challenging society's ideology of "Perfect Parenthood", and turning simplest things and spaces around us to work for us, for our children and our communities.



RIMA's vision is to empower every parent to self-love, have full freedom of choice, and prioritize themselves while providing affordable quality childcare/programs for their children


RIMA's mission is to turn all things and spaces around us to work for us as a community; those spaces can be our child(ren)'s schools, existing businesses, a neighbour's home or simply public parks right in our neighbourhoods. Through RIMA those spaces will provide parents with everyday tools and support systems to keep up with today's fast paced life and unrealistic expectations of parenthood, and become part of a social change.


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innovative and amazing individuals 

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